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Live Music

Live Music on Stage!

Enjoy live music on stage! Ned Kelly Lounge presents regular live performances of various musical genres.

Next Gigs:

Friday 18 Mai 2018  doors open  20:00 (free entry)

New Album Release “Smoke Signals” by Spool

Spool is an independent 4 piece pub rock band based in the Baden area, with an evolving collection of original songs, displaying influences from 60s through 90s indie rock. After spending the last year concentrating on writing and recording, Phil, Mark, Roger and Steve are looking forward to releasing their second CD, Smoke Signals, and hitting the stage to play some new tunes and old favourites live.  Check out some pics and tunes at



CD Release

Are you planning a CD Release? Ned Kelly Lounge is the ideal location to promote your talent.

Music Video / Marketing Promotion

We offer video and marketing services for artists and bands. Whether it’s a promo-video, live performance video or a commercial music video, our experienced team can help you with video shooting, post production, sound engineering, as well digital marketing services.

Play on stage

If you are a local band in Zürich, then a live performance on stage couldn’t be easier. Ned Kelly Lounge offers bands a great opportunity to play live in front of an audience. We have all the technology for a first class concert!

All bands are welcome. Coverbands are guaranteed a proper show for maximum effect. Bands are also encouraged to play their own songs. If you want to register to play live, get in touch! Just tell us where you are from, your band size, music style and send us your music demos.

Gigs in the past:

Headline – pop – funk – soul – rock

Web Promo Headline 100x50

Hickup – blues – rock

Web Promo Hickup 100x50

Electric Sheep – rock – indie – pop 

Electric Sheep 100x50 Promo1

Amaze – rock – pop 

Web Amaze 100x50 Promo1

Black Cat Chill – blues – rock – jazz

Web Black Cat Chill 100x50 Promo1

 Circle of  Time – pop – rock – blues – latino

Web Circle of Time 100x50 Promo1

Bustamove – 60s – 70s funk – disco

Web Bust a Move 100x50 Promo1

Plugoutandplay – acoustic rock

Web Plugoutandplay 100x50 Promo1

Hardstreet – rock

Web Hardstreet 100x50 Promo1

Chemistry Class – pop – rock

Web Chemistry Class 100x50 Promo1

Bluescream – soul – RnB – jazz

Web Bluescream 100x50 Promo1

Chameleon – jazz – funk

Web Chamelon 100x50 Promo1

ExBLUESion – blues – rock

Web Exbluesion 100x50 Promo1

Funkollektive –  funk – pop

Funkollektive Pic 100x50

Perplexed – pop

Perpelexed Website Pic 100x50

The Fate – Pop

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